Central Management System

Central Management System

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Central Management System

The core of the total solutions where you can manage, control, monitor and optimize different parameters of your system.


User Management

You can define, edit or remove any user with specific role and responsibility in this module. You can supervise the activities of the system's users. They users can be categorized in different groups, like the administrator, operator, employee, etc. The roles and the rules are defined separately and the users are linked with the related roles and accesses.

Parameter Management

A few of parameters are assigned to each component of the system. For example an access control gate should be configured according to the desired functions at any specific time, if it should be in the control mode, always open, emergency mode, etc. In the parameter definition module, all the related parameters are created, modified, removed for each specific component of the system.


Monitoring module allows you to supervise the online status of the system components along with the historical functionality and operation of the component. If there are any created alarm in the operation duration, the log is recorded in the DB and can be accessed by the granted user.


The reporting module allows you to have your desired reports and summaries based on all or selected results of a particular parameter. The result can be exported to the popular formats like excel and pdf.